Floorball Rules That Beginners Must Know

Floorball is a prevalent sport in the US when compared to the rest of the world. But it has gained a lot of significance in continental America, and thereby there are good chances that the game might become popular across the globe. So if you are someone who belongs to the rest of the world, then you might not possibly know a lot about the game. For easy understanding, the first thing that you have to know is that the game is quite similar to hockey, but a lot of rules are different. They are similar but not same games. So if you wish to know the game, here are some of the things that you have to know about the game.

Six people make a team:

Just like most games are two teams. Each team has 5 players plus one goalie. So it is always 5 competing against 5. A goalie is quite similar to the ones in the hockey, except that the ones here sit and dodge the ball in the opponent’s court and prevent the ball from hitting the cage. One of the nicest things about is that since the number of players in the team is less, players get better chance skills to expose their talents.

It goes with the floor:

Using the stick also largely differs in floorball. Players are usually expected to handle the stick along the floor that is the player can use to stick only to move the ball. Apart from that the players do not throw or lift the ball from the ground level. High-striking is not allowed in football. So when players take a shot, they have to make sure that they do not raise the stick above the waist level. So it always better that you take the ball closer to the cage to avoid high-striking.

Free-kick just as in football:


This is also one important rule that you have to remember. In case if the player in a team makes a foul move or if the move goes unplayable, any player from the other team is free to make a move from the place where the other team committed a foul. This is quite similar to the free-kick move in the football. This gives a better hand for the opponent. So it is better that you do not give in to foul moves.

Tacking the opponent is not as easy:

In most games where players run behind one ball, the tackling rules are quite flexible, but, looks like, it is not the case in floorball. In floorball, the act of checking is completely prohibited. You cannot hide the way of the other players’, especially when you are running behind a loose ball. The players shall, however, rub shoulders in the act of tackling, but not checking. Also, you must remember that you are supposed to touch or lift another player’s stick to take the ball. That shall be considered offensive.