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Top 5 Things That You Didn’t Know About Floorball

Floorball is one of the growing games in the USA. So if you are someone who belongs to a different part of the world, apart from the US, then there are little chances that you know the game. Because floorball is not a game that has become much prevalent, but it will soon become popular as the floorball culture is growing out of proportion in the US. So here are some of the things that you have to know about the floorball.

You don’t get to hard-hit the ball:

This is probably one thing that most of us didn’t know about floorball, except for the ones who are too much into sports. So just because you have a ball and a stick to handle it, high-sticking is not allowed. This means you only use the stick to move the ball and you don’t actually get to hit it, except for the fact that you hit it to the goal. Some games let you carry the ball to the goal post with the stick. In floorball, you use the stick only to move it along with the floor.

A goalie just like hockey:


This game as we started early is quite similar to the set-up in hockey. So, here again, you have a person who is placed closer to the goal post that is the net who is called the goalie. The goalie never holds a stick and is dressed a little different from the others in the game. The goalie wears protective bands and doesn’t use a stick. The goalie of a team is in the opponent’s court to prevent the ball from hitting the goal and is always half seated on the floor on the knees.

Quite a simple game:

It is one of the cost-effective games around the world. If you wish to play the game, all you have to know is the game itself and nothing much. The equipment and the things that you need to play the game are quite simple, and you need not have to do anything more. You need a stick, a ball and a pair of shoe and socks. It is exactly all that you need. You are good to go. Players wear jerseys and shorts.

This is not similar to hockey:

Yes, we are contradicting a bit from what we said earlier. Hockey and football are similar games, but they aren’t same. The rules in the games, number and position of the players all these changes. Many people relate floorball and hockey to the relationship between soccer and football. But you are going wrong there. Football and soccer are the same games with different names. But hockey and floorball are different games and so are their names.

Handle your stick with care:

The stick that is used to play floorball is a little different from the one that is used in hockey. Here the stick weighs light and is shorter than the hockey stick, and there are different ways of holding them, and you are expected to follow the rules. So if the shafts break, it is better that you dispose it. Once it is broken, it is broken forever and there is nothing more to it.